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 Q. Do you offer envelope printing?
 A. We are able to supply a wide range of envelope requirements. The most common envelope sizes we provide are as follows:

C4 size. 324mm x 229mm. Takes unfolded A4 sheets.
DL size. 110mm x 220mm. Takes A4 sheets folded into thirds.
C5 size. 162mm x 229mm. Takes A4 sheets folded once or unfolded A5 sheets.
C6 size. 114mm x 162mm. Takes A5 sheets folded once or unfolded A6 sheets.

All the above can be provided printed or unprinted, and all are available with or without windows, except C6 size which are only available without windows.

The minimum order quantity for envelopes, whether printed or not, is 500 envelopes. For orders of less than 5,000 printed envelopes, we stipulate that the print is restricted to the envelope front only, a non-printing area of 10mm is required around all edges, and the print may not run across an area of inconsistent envelope thickness.

These restrictions do not apply to jobs where the run length is 5,000 or more.

Our standard white envelopes are 90gsm in weight, and are reasonably closely matched in shade to our standard white 100gsm letterhead paper. Customers requiring a very close match in paper shades between letterheads and envelopes need to select a premium paper such as Conqueror where the mill makes great efforts to ensure a high level of colour consistency.

If you let us know the details of your envelope requirements, we will be pleased to produce a custom quote.

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