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 Q. What artwork programmes do you accept?
 A. We accept artwork in a wide variety of programmes. Please click here for a list.

We do make a small charge for handling the artwork file you supply and converting it to be "print-ready." Experienced users can receive a refund of this artwork charge (by means of an automatically emailed discount voucher useable against a future order) by providing us with a "print-ready" artwork file.

To find out how to provide your artwork in this way please see the following page:
print ready artwork instructions

 Q. Can I have thermography (raised ink) on my printing? (thermo).
 A. We are able to offer thermography on request on certain printing jobs. An extra charge applies. The process gives a raised effect to the areas where it is applied, similar to embossing, but at a reduced cost. We offer thermography on business stationery and business cards when printing in one or two colours, but not when printing in full colour.

For raised print business cards click here

Please note that not all thermographic printing is suitable for passing through a laser printer. The thermographic printing process we use for run lengths of 5000 letterheads or more is laser-compatible, but for lower run lengths the sheets produced should not be used in a laser printer or damage to printer and sheet may result.

Here are some indications of the extra charge for thermography. The prices below are in addition to the costs for regular printing shown on the PrintingDirect site.

For thermography on single colour business cards, compliments slips or letterheads:

250 : 22 + VAT
500 : 25 + VAT
1000 : 35 + VAT
2000 : 55 + VAT

For thermography on two colour business cards, compliments slips or letterheads:

250 : 27 + VAT
500 : 30 + VAT
1000 : 40 + VAT
2000 : 55 + VAT

Some print jobs are not suitable for thermography. We are unable to offer the process on printing that bleeds, or that has very heavy solid areas. On two colour work you can choose to have one or both of the colours thermographed, without affecting the prices above. As far as the above prices are concerned, when ordering thermography with one-colour printing, the entire design would have raised print. When ordering with two-colour printing, if thermography is required for just one of the colours, then everything printed in that colour would be raised, and if thermography is required for both colours, then all the print on the item would be raised. It is possible to thermograph just certain elements of a particular colour but this entails extra cost.
 Q. What is a Pantone colour?
 A. A "Pantone colour" refers to a colour identified in the Pantone Matching System, which is a worldwide standard for describing colour, owned by Pantone Inc. Pantone, the company, sell printed "colour guides" showing hundreds of different colours on different types of paper. Two parties in different locations who are both looking at current versions of the Pantone Guide can be confident that they are both looking at very similar colours. When a client or designer specifies a colour for a printing job they will often tell the printer what Pantone colour(s) to print it in.

At (UK), unlike some online printing companies, we are happy to produce your printing job in either Pantone colours or using the "full colour printing" process. Full colour printing, also sometimes known as "CMYK printing" or "process colour printing" can normally be used to simulate a colour in the Pantone Matching System quite closely.
 Q. Where do I send my artwork?
 A. If you are placing your order online, you can upload your artwork at the end of the order process or at this link. We can also accept artwork via email or on disk (see our accepted programmes).

If you need to send us artwork, please post it to: Level 5 Amphenol Business Complex Thanet Way Whitstable Kent CT5 3JF
 Q. Do you print double-sided business cards?
 A. We are happy to produce your business cards printed on both sides if you wish, with virtually any combination of colours on either side being possible. Please bear in mind that it is more economical to have the reverse print in the same colour(s) as those on the front of your business cards. To experiment with different options for your business cards, please proceed to our Instant Quote Calculator. You can try out as many different combinations as you like and we will even email your instant quote(s) straight to you, on request!
 Q. How much do you charge for artwork?
 A. On most products we make a small artwork handling charge for working with your artwork file or re-setting your artwork if you are providing us with a hard-copy printed version. However, you are able to claim a discount voucher against your next order if you succesfully provide your artwork in accordance with our print-ready artwork instructions. Some products (e.g. Mini Labels) do not carry an artwork handling charge at all.

Please be aware that the charge is for checking all files, including print-ready files and so a discount cannot be credited to your current order, it is only supplied in the form of a voucher if we find, whilst checking your file, that it has been set correctly to our print-ready artwork instructions.

 Q. Do you print plastic cards?
 A. We are able to print plastic business cards, membership cards and similar items.

We offer two types of "plastic card". One card is a true 760 micron plastic which comes in a range of colours, and which we overprint in upto 3 colours using a hot foil process. The other style of card is what we call a "plasti-card" which is more suitable for full colour printing. These cards are about 700 microns thick, and consist of a printed non-plastic card sandwiched between two pieces of rigid gloss plastic.

Both styles of card are round-cornered, can be printed on one or both sides and can incorporate signature strips.

Sequential numbering and other variable data can be added to plasti-cards if required.

Please click here for plastic card prices.

 Q. How do I provide artwork?
 A. If you are placing your order online, you can upload your artwork at the end of the order process or at this link. We can also accept artwork via email or on disk (see our accepted programmes).

If you need to send us artwork, please post it to: Randall Park Way Retford NOTTS DN22 7WF
 Q. Do you print postcards?
 A. We do offer postcard printing. The prices below are for our standard 350gsm silk art postcards, A6 size. (148.5 x 105mm, equivalent to 4 1/8 5 7/8 inches).

Printed full colour on the front, unprinted reverse -

250 : 80
500 : 95
1000 : 115
2500 : 150
5000 : 190
10,000 : 295
20,000 : 545

Printed full colour on the front, black on reverse -

250 : 89
500 : 100
1000 : 125
2500 : 160
5000 : 205
10,000 : 325
20,000 : 595

Printed full colour on both front and back -

250 : 122
500 : 136
1000 : 165
2500 : 227
5000 : 295
10,000 : 495
20,000 : 879

Lamination as optional extra -

Postcards are available with one of the sides laminated as an optional extra. We only laminate postcards on one side, and that must be a side printed in full colour. The process of lamination coats the finished printing with an extremely thin layer of plastic.

This enhances the finished appearance and provides extra protection to the printed area from unsightly finger marks or scratches which can show up if the cards are handled roughly or scratched.

Prices for lamination on postcard orders is as follows -

Gloss lamination (on front) up to and including 1000 postcards : add 15
Gloss lamination (on front) from 2500 to 5000 postcards : add 25
Gloss lamination (on front) for 10,000 postcards : add 45
Gloss lamination (on front) for 20,000 postcards : add 65

Matt lamination (on front) up to and including 1000 postcards : add 20
Matt lamination (on front) from 2500 to 5000 postcards : add 40
Matt lamination (on front) for 10,000 postcards : add 95
Matt lamination (on front) for 20,000 postcards : add 180

All prices shown above are exclusive of artwork, delivery and VAT.

 Q. Reprints - how do I order reprints and shall I send new artwork?
 A. We save the artwork for all jobs we print so to order a reprint (even with small amendments) there is no need to send a new file. Just select the "easy reprints" option from the left hand bar of the homepage. You also benefit from having no artwork charge to pay, (or a reduced charge in the case of simple amendments) when you re-order in this manner.

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