Books & Booklets

Saddle / Wire Stitched


PUR binding is indistinguishable from Perfect
Binding to the casual observer. BUT the huge
difference is the exceptional strength of the
Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) glue.
The pages of a PUR Bound Book are held
much more securely and will withstand much
more rigorous treatment. The downside
is that it is a more expensive process than
Perfect Binding.

Cover Stock:
Text Stock:


Finished Size:

300gsm Silk Coated
115gsm Silk or Gloss Coated
150gsm Silk or Gloss Coated
200gsm Silk Coated
120gsm Uncoated
150gsm Uncoated
Full Colour (Litho)
on One or All Sides
A6, A5, A4, 1/3 A4
210mm x 210mm
Portrait, Landscape or Square

 Finishing & Options

• Gloss Lamination to one side or
Matt Lamination to both sides
• Unlaminated
• Digital Embossing