Promotional Power – Promotional Gifts to Tempt Clients

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We all can agree that getting free things is pretty neat. Promotional gifts are a welcome alternative to a timed discount in your next marketing push for several reasons. The downside of a discount is that they set a precedent of lower than average prices. A repeat customer getting a much cheaper price this time will only be disappointed by the higher price when they return to you at a later date. This sets both unfair expectations for yourself and your customer. Of course, don’t be put off by using discounts as they are a great way to bring in traffic and interested parties, but use them wisely and sparingly.

A free gift, especially if timed with a specific occasion, will really stand out to a customer, especially if it is unexpected. For example, how good would it look from a business trust standpoint if a customer received a personalised notepad commemorating the anniversary of their first order with you? Not only would it be a pleasant surprise but they’d be impressed by the sheer fact that you remembered that date. It takes just a moment to record that bit of metric data and most databases have the registration date of a client easily searchable. So you can see how little time it would take for you but how big an impact it would make.

Other occasions where a freebie could be used are:

  • Festive holidays – so you are remembered come the new year
  • At trade shows – so they can take your business home with them
  • If a customer orders a particularly large amount – in appreciation
  • At a conference or a meeting – as a memento
  • Anniversary of registration of first order – so they feel valued
  • Birthday of client
  • As a simple thank you – so they know their loyalty is appreciated

The clever thing about promotional products is that they will always keep your brand and your business in the mind of your customers. Notepads sit there day in and day out and if your corporate logo is at the top with some contact information, a day isn’t going to go by where they don’t see your name. Even if it doesn’t affect them on an active level it will be working wonders subliminally. It is important to note that a free gift is more effective when sent separately. If it comes in the box with an order it might be seen as an afterthought, but if it comes specifically on its own then it will show you’ve put the extra effort in.

Be sure the gift you’re offering complements your business and think about the perceived cost to the customer other than the actual cost to yourself. A desk pad could cost you pennies in reality when bought in bulk but a customer would probably spend five times that to buy it for themselves. The more valuable the gift appears the more the customer will feel appreciated.

Promotional goods increase your brand awareness, not only could most individuals recite the branded goods on their desk but it is more convenient for them to have contact information to hand than needing to look for it online. This way you cut out the influence your competition could have over the customer when they may become distracted online. So make sure you grab your client’s attention; because if you don’t someone else most certainly will.



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