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Letterheads on Premium Paper

Enhance your Corporate Image with a Premium Business Paper

While our high quality Standard White 100gsm Bond letterheads provide a professional and economical solution to the requirements of many organisations, customers in some business sectors recognise the worth in spending a little more on a paper for their letterheads that conveys something extra in terms of quality and prestige. We offer a selection of suitable options as follows:

 Conqueror * Letterheads – Distinctive and Prestigious

Perhaps the best-known quality business printing paper on the market, Conqueror is often selected by customers requiring a premium letterhead material because of its distinctive appearance and high awareness of its position as a premium brand. The manufacturer guarantees the sheets featured below as suitable for both mono and colour inkjet and laser printing. A range of paper colours is offered, and many of the sheets are available in both the conventional 100gsm weight and a heavier weight 120gsm variety.

All the Conqueror papers on this page feature the famous Conqueror watermark (in the central lower third of the sheet), and are available with matching envelopes where indicated.

 Conqueror Letterheads - Smooth Paper
 Conqueror Wove
"Wove" refers to the manufacturing technique used to produce this smooth, high quality business paper. When a sheet of wove is held to the light, the paper fibres appear evenly distributed, without the mottled effect apparent in lower cost “bond” papers. Although some good quality bond papers are available, very few offer the prestige and quality appearance provided by the Conqueror brand.

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 Conqueror Recycled Wove

Of similar appearance to Conqueror Wove, though subject to some natural variation due to its recycled character, Conqueror Recycled Wove is manufactured from a mix of Elemental Chlorine-Free fibres and post consumer waste recycled fibre.

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 Conqueror Letterheads - Textured Paper

Please note that when especially sharp reproduction is required, such as with designs featuring very small text (less than 7 point), textured papers may not be suitable. For the sharpest reproduction, choose a smooth paper like Conqueror Smooth CX22.  
 Conqueror Laid
Featuring a series of horizontal and vertical lines within the sheet itself, this paper mimics the traditional appearance of early handmade papers. The series of finely spaced horizontal lines, known as "laid lines" make the paper slightly ridged to the touch, whereas the more widely spaced vertical "chain lines" have more of a watermark appearance. A non-watermarked version is also available. 

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 Conqueror Recycled Laid
Of similar appearance to Conqueror Laid, although containing some natural variation due to its recycled character, Conqueror Recycled Laid is manufactured from a mix of ECF fibres and post consumer waste recycled fibres.

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 Conqueror Contour
Features a subtle, all-over hammered effect, with multiple raised and sunken areas giving the sheet a pitted, tactile texture.

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* Conqueror and the Conqueror Logos are trademarks of Arjo Wiggins. All rights acknowledged.

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