Our Recent Trip to the Capital

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At Printing Direct we like to nurture our relationships with our customers and are always working to promote mutually beneficial working relationships. We love working to help boost your business by seeing what else we could offer you to ensure your cross brand promotion is uniformly serviced and consistent so that you are capturing as many potential clients as possible.

12711116_1646323645620267_8120649242909185672_oA recent example of this would be our office excursion from our base in Retford, North Nottinghamshire to London. This was to visit one such client who invited us to attend one of her conferences in the hopes we would find other creative ways to service her needs. Mary Danby runs the North American Boarding School Workshops (NABSW) that matches potential students in Europe and the wider world with agents and eligible school placements in America. She, along with her company, host a number of events a year where agents for children and schools can meet each other and work out how best to proceed with so many bright potential young futures. We currently provide NABSW with all their event print in the form of agent portfolios, school prospectuses, name plaques, name badges, posters and handouts and were greeted warmly when we arrived at the event at the beginning of the month.

Once another successful event had come to a close we looked back and thought about what else we could offer NABSW to make next year even better. The solution, a welcome pack that would document all the potential schools and agents and provide an overview of what each event would consist of. This would be handed out at the door or prior to each event. Mary saw the potential of unifying the company’s message into one easy to despatch booklet pack that gave all her attendees the vital information they needed to make the best informed decisions for the children relying on their expertise. We value all our customers and will do our best to ensure your print and marketing is being harnessed to its full potential, because we love watching you prosper!

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