A New Feeling with Soft Touch Lamination

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Everyone has business cards nowadays. The bog standard design and feel is old news and is not something that will be winning you any contracts or customers, no matter how charming you are. Take a stand against the outdated business card technology racket and step into the future. A set of cards made from the cutting edge of print technology will certainly raise a few eyebrows and will show your customers how ahead of the curve and how above your competitors you are.

Our new business cards with soft touch lamination are printed on 450gsm of the highest quality FSC stock, which we also offer digital embossing on. That can really set off any design by giving areas a raised textured feel.

Soft touch lamination has an unfamiliar but attractive feel and a scratch resistant coating to give it longevity. Never be embarrassed to hand over your card again and be proud to be representing you and your business. Want some extra stopping power but don’t know how to go about creating the artwork? Request a quotation from our Design team and we’ll make sure your business is capturing as much potential customers’ attention as it can.


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