Logos… choosing the right one for your company is not easy!

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The Co-op have announced that they are returning to its clover-leaf logo from 1968, but surprisingly it looks super modern and fresh, ever since Apple used flat block colours it seems to have taken off like a storm. The logo will also look very familiar to millions across the UK.

The 172 year-old organisation is returning to its classic clover-leaf design which first appeared across shops, produce and dividend stamps in the late 1960s. Over 2,000 Co-op stores are expected to have adopted the identity by 2018, with the new design in use across the group by May 2019.


Here at Printing Direct we can help you develop your logo and create you something that you are proud of which represents your company and your values but will also make you look more professional and overall attract more customers. The below example demonstrates this.

We pride ourselves on offering amazing customer service and we guide you through each step from concept to delivery.


What Makes US the RIGHT Printer for YOU?

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It is so easy these days to buy print, whether you buy online or from a local printer. It is such a saturated market and businesses are confronted by so many potential suppliers. People looking for print often have one thing in mind, PRICE, which can often lead to dissatisfaction in quality, service and the overall end product. It is important to bear that in mind and not base your decision solely on price.


Although we may not always be the cheapest on the market we have so much more to offer!

Firstly, we offer excellent proof reading, which is much more than a standard spell check.

Secondly, we offer print and design all under one roof, which turns ideas into reality.

Thirdly, we accept artwork in virtually any format!

Fourthly, we offer exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team always has your interests at heart, and we tailor everything to suit you!

Fifthly, our quality of print is amazing- we check everything to make sure it is right!

Why not give us a try? We promise to WOW!

Printing Direct Does Breakfast

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Since reading how popular breakfast meetings have become in the business world I thought I would give it a go! According to research, morning meetings have become increasingly favourable and are more productive. Networking is a great opportunity to meet people in the business world, share experience and gain new customers, hence why I went along  I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but it was really good.

It was run by 3C’s Networking who are passionate about local business. Jill, Dave and Josephine really made me feel welcome and I took a lot away from the meeting, including some new customers! It was great to meet people from DC Photography, Mule Marketing, in North Notts, Jackson Quinn Solicitors, AEON Financial Services Limited, Ashton Associates and Digitech Fire & Security. I was so impressed I have now become a member and I can’t wait until the next one!


A New Feeling with Soft Touch Lamination

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Everyone has business cards nowadays. The bog standard design and feel is old news and is not something that will be winning you any contracts or customers, no matter how charming you are. Take a stand against the outdated business card technology racket and step into the future. A set of cards made from the cutting edge of print technology will certainly raise a few eyebrows and will show your customers how ahead of the curve and how above your competitors you are.

Our new business cards with soft touch lamination are printed on 450gsm of the highest quality FSC stock, which we also offer digital embossing on. That can really set off any design by giving areas a raised textured feel.

Soft touch lamination has an unfamiliar but attractive feel and a scratch resistant coating to give it longevity. Never be embarrassed to hand over your card again and be proud to be representing you and your business. Want some extra stopping power but don’t know how to go about creating the artwork? Request a quotation from our Design team and we’ll make sure your business is capturing as much potential customers’ attention as it can.


Our Recent Trip to the Capital

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At Printing Direct we like to nurture our relationships with our customers and are always working to promote mutually beneficial working relationships. We love working to help boost your business by seeing what else we could offer you to ensure your cross brand promotion is uniformly serviced and consistent so that you are capturing as many potential clients as possible.

12711116_1646323645620267_8120649242909185672_oA recent example of this would be our office excursion from our base in Retford, North Nottinghamshire to London. This was to visit one such client who invited us to attend one of her conferences in the hopes we would find other creative ways to service her needs. Mary Danby runs the North American Boarding School Workshops (NABSW) that matches potential students in Europe and the wider world with agents and eligible school placements in America. She, along with her company, host a number of events a year where agents for children and schools can meet each other and work out how best to proceed with so many bright potential young futures. We currently provide NABSW with all their event print in the form of agent portfolios, school prospectuses, name plaques, name badges, posters and handouts and were greeted warmly when we arrived at the event at the beginning of the month.

Once another successful event had come to a close we looked back and thought about what else we could offer NABSW to make next year even better. The solution, a welcome pack that would document all the potential schools and agents and provide an overview of what each event would consist of. This would be handed out at the door or prior to each event. Mary saw the potential of unifying the company’s message into one easy to despatch booklet pack that gave all her attendees the vital information they needed to make the best informed decisions for the children relying on their expertise. We value all our customers and will do our best to ensure your print and marketing is being harnessed to its full potential, because we love watching you prosper!

Putting the Care in Customer Care

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We at Printing Direct love it when a job is done right and when you, our customer, can walk away with a smile knowing you are content with your order and your experience with us. Our approach to customer care is a straightforward one. We know a friendly and approachable working ethic is key to promoting customer satisfaction. We’ve all experienced the frustration that can occur when dealing with a faceless mega-corporation, when getting a simple answer or talking to an actual human being that doesn’t sound like a corporate android can be hard to come by. Our aim is to deliver the opposite to this, as our focus is on a speedy service with a smile to make everyone happy.

Although we do our utmost to achieve customer satisfaction throughout all our dealings, we appreciate that in the world of print and design problems do occasionally happen. In this eventuality we will work with you to resolve the issue. We never want you to shy away from approaching us if you need to talk about anything further, so we can find a solution to the issue at hand together. If you’re not satisfied with something, then neither are we. You can call our helpful team for a chat on 01777 861454 or alternatively, if you haven’t the time to spare to talk, you can always drop us an email via customerservice@printingdirect.com and someone will be in touch promptly.

Prefer a different way of approaching us? We are live across numerous social media outlets. Get in contact via direct messaging on Twitter or Facebook. Whatever is easiest for you!


February Offers

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Generally after Christmas the January deals are a god send, but two weeks in and the bargains start to dry up and then you are back to paying top whack for any and everything. Not at Printing Direct! We want to encourage your New Year business campaign and make sure you are well stocked for the coming year, which will allow you to reach all those potential customers.

A business card can often be a deal clincher for an undecided client, especially a well designed one! That is why all February long we are offering 500 cards for just £25. Use offer code PDBC2016 to get in on this amazing deal, with our silky matt finish on both sides. Do you need help making a lasting impression? Our in house design team can easily give you that upper hand by tailoring the whole project to your needs from the start. They are capable of carrying out full or partial design jobs depending on your requirements, please give us a call to find out more.

Or why not get our personalised playing cards and boxes at 10% less than our usual price by using offer code PD102016. This offer is available all through this month! Whether a thoughtful gift or a clever promotional tool, these cards are a fun and unique way to promote your business. Add your corporate logo and contact details to the back of the deck and the box and never be too far away from your customer’s thoughts.

Not happy with any of the offers we are providing? That’s no problem at all! You can simply choose your own deal. Your first order placed in February (up to the cost of £500) qualifies for a one-off 10% discount by using the offer code PDFEB2016. Our team is ready and waiting to serve any and all of your print and design needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We don’t bite; scout’s honour.


Be Omnipresent with Our Personalised Cutouts!

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Have you ever felt terrible after having to let a family member or friend down by not being available when a special date was approaching? Never feel the shame again of having no annual leave available by May, and better yet, be in all the photos even if you yourself are miles away!

Our Personalised Cutouts are great for any occasion, be it weddings or birthday parties. They are printed on the best quality material which is why they look so real. The only thing you need to do is ensure the image is of good quality and let us know how tall the subject is in real life. This last step is important to ensure your clone doesn’t look like a Dwarf from Lord of the Rings! If you’re not sure on the finer points, upload your image and our helpful team will be able to guide you through the process, making suggestions to help make your Cutout have the biggest impact possible.

As well as a Cutout of yourself, they are also a funny way to remember a missing colleague or friend. Place them around the office if your buddy is away on maternity/paternity leave or if they have been offered another job elsewhere. Snap pictures with them in the canteen or on days out and make your friend regret the day they dared venture elsewhere!

Never miss a stag do or party because of work or other commitments again. Just don’t get too downhearted when your cutout starts having more of a social life than you!

We also offer a huge back catalogue of celebrity full sized and miniature cutouts to add a touch of glamour to any occasion. Celebrities are notoriously hard to track down and it’s almost impossible to get them to turn up to anything (although I don’t believe Louis Walsh is doing much lately so you might get him in the flesh!). Having trouble with luggage space for stag or hen parties abroad? We also do celebrity and personalised face masks if you want to pretend to be someone other than you for the day!


Promotional Power – Promotional Gifts to Tempt Clients

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We all can agree that getting free things is pretty neat. Promotional gifts are a welcome alternative to a timed discount in your next marketing push for several reasons. The downside of a discount is that they set a precedent of lower than average prices. A repeat customer getting a much cheaper price this time will only be disappointed by the higher price when they return to you at a later date. This sets both unfair expectations for yourself and your customer. Of course, don’t be put off by using discounts as they are a great way to bring in traffic and interested parties, but use them wisely and sparingly.

A free gift, especially if timed with a specific occasion, will really stand out to a customer, especially if it is unexpected. For example, how good would it look from a business trust standpoint if a customer received a personalised notepad commemorating the anniversary of their first order with you? Not only would it be a pleasant surprise but they’d be impressed by the sheer fact that you remembered that date. It takes just a moment to record that bit of metric data and most databases have the registration date of a client easily searchable. So you can see how little time it would take for you but how big an impact it would make.

Other occasions where a freebie could be used are:

  • Festive holidays – so you are remembered come the new year
  • At trade shows – so they can take your business home with them
  • If a customer orders a particularly large amount – in appreciation
  • At a conference or a meeting – as a memento
  • Anniversary of registration of first order – so they feel valued
  • Birthday of client
  • As a simple thank you – so they know their loyalty is appreciated

The clever thing about promotional products is that they will always keep your brand and your business in the mind of your customers. Notepads sit there day in and day out and if your corporate logo is at the top with some contact information, a day isn’t going to go by where they don’t see your name. Even if it doesn’t affect them on an active level it will be working wonders subliminally. It is important to note that a free gift is more effective when sent separately. If it comes in the box with an order it might be seen as an afterthought, but if it comes specifically on its own then it will show you’ve put the extra effort in.

Be sure the gift you’re offering complements your business and think about the perceived cost to the customer other than the actual cost to yourself. A desk pad could cost you pennies in reality when bought in bulk but a customer would probably spend five times that to buy it for themselves. The more valuable the gift appears the more the customer will feel appreciated.

Promotional goods increase your brand awareness, not only could most individuals recite the branded goods on their desk but it is more convenient for them to have contact information to hand than needing to look for it online. This way you cut out the influence your competition could have over the customer when they may become distracted online. So make sure you grab your client’s attention; because if you don’t someone else most certainly will.



A Match Made in Heaven

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When marketing your business or product, it is incredibly difficult to cut through the noise and penetrate the already rather dense marketplace, even if you have found a niche. It is far more common now for companies to either opt for a digital marketing campaign or an offline campaign exclusively without first looking at the benefit of using a blend of both. Companies that use print alone can lose out to more social media aware businesses that move with the times. The savvier tech businesses can be overlooked if they neglect print due to the sheer amount of competition for people’s attention online. Every second one and a half hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube. You will never see everything that the internet has to offer and your business may be the one being overlooked. Therefore, the smartest people are those that know a double barrelled attack is the best way to achieve exposure.

E-shots are a vital part of everyday business practises now, but there are thousands of them out there and many never even get looked at. If you were to follow this up with a print newsletter quarterly this would help cut through some of the clutter. Print media hasn’t got as much competition out there as digital media. The latter is rather easy for anyone to accomplish. Our approach to printing is also hugely straightforward, so you will lose nothing by showing your customers just how serious you take yourselves and your products. If you are familiar with having a uniform message across numerous social media providers you already know that it is essential to talk to customers across more than one platform. You shouldn’t be overlooking print as one such avenue.

Offline marketing is important to drive online sales. Many consumers anticipate a mail delivery and are disappointed when they do not receive any. A good looking print leaflet, designed by a competent designer, can make all the difference when approached for the first time. A potential customer might save an attractive offer based on first impressions alone. A supplemental investment in leaflet print can achieve great turnover when coupled up with more short term online strategies like the use of the Google Adwords service. Regular engagement will ensure repeat business.

Going on statistics alone, 65% of consumers will hold on to an interesting piece of direct mail and 79% of people will act upon direct mail immediately. On average it takes someone 5 seconds to decide whether they will engage with your marketing. Every 5 seconds in the world:

  • 17 million emails are sent
  • 23,000 tweets are posted
  • 21 babies are born
  • 7500 bottles of water are consumed

It is just 5 seconds, so make every one of them count!

A print presence can be used to lead more people to your online home, potential customers who may not have discovered it otherwise. So be sure in your next campaign to cast as wide a net as possible by using all the tools at your disposal and hopefully you’ll reel in a decent catch.