Be Omnipresent with Our Personalised Cutouts!

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Have you ever felt terrible after having to let a family member or friend down by not being available when a special date was approaching? Never feel the shame again of having no annual leave available by May, and better yet, be in all the photos even if you yourself are miles away!

Our Personalised Cutouts are great for any occasion, be it weddings or birthday parties. They are printed on the best quality material which is why they look so real. The only thing you need to do is ensure the image is of good quality and let us know how tall the subject is in real life. This last step is important to ensure your clone doesn’t look like a Dwarf from Lord of the Rings! If you’re not sure on the finer points, upload your image and our helpful team will be able to guide you through the process, making suggestions to help make your Cutout have the biggest impact possible.

As well as a Cutout of yourself, they are also a funny way to remember a missing colleague or friend. Place them around the office if your buddy is away on maternity/paternity leave or if they have been offered another job elsewhere. Snap pictures with them in the canteen or on days out and make your friend regret the day they dared venture elsewhere!

Never miss a stag do or party because of work or other commitments again. Just don’t get too downhearted when your cutout starts having more of a social life than you!

We also offer a huge back catalogue of celebrity full sized and miniature cutouts to add a touch of glamour to any occasion. Celebrities are notoriously hard to track down and it’s almost impossible to get them to turn up to anything (although I don’t believe Louis Walsh is doing much lately so you might get him in the flesh!). Having trouble with luggage space for stag or hen parties abroad? We also do celebrity and personalised face masks if you want to pretend to be someone other than you for the day!


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