About Printing Direct

Here at Printing Direct our aim is to not only produce literature but to understand your product, service and target market in order for us to aid you to make a bigger impact.

We are keen to work in conjunction with your business to aid the promotion of your products and services.

Conveniently we offer both design and a wide variety of print, making it easy and straightforward to order from us. You will work alongside our dedicated teams to fulfil all of your requirements. Our experienced design team will share their expertise with you in order to ensure your marketing is the best it can be, from the initial concept to the execution of the final product.

Our dedicated and friendly customer service team is focused on providing excellence throughout to ensure 100% satisfaction. We are ready and waiting to help you with any queries you may have. There are many benefits to working with Printing Direct:

  • We can take your creative brief and make it reality, or we can work with your own artwork if preferred.
  • Free mainland UK delivery for orders over £25.00.
  • Step by step support to help you achieve your marketing products.
  • Advice on most appropriate products and specifications to promote your business.
  • Print requirement review to ensure you are reaching the right market.
  • Cost saving advice based on print requirements.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Effective print management solutions.
  • Fulfilment and distribution services

Our Approach To The Environment

At Printing Direct we are passionate about the environment. We have committed ourselves to a programme for change to make our carbon footprint ever smaller and to operate in an environmentally friendly way.  We strive to ensure that every aspect of our supply chain meets with the exacting standard of our environmental policy and we spend much of our time thinking about ways we can reduce the impact of our activities.

The ink used is vegetable based and supplied in eco-friendly packaging. As an alternative to printing using the 4 process colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), we also offer spot colour printing, which offers a higher level of colour accuracy for your corporate branding if this is important to you and your business.

Our commitment to the environment is just as much in evidence when it comes to our use of electricity. After a top to bottom review by the Carbon Trust we have been implementing a number of energy saving solutions, from lights which turn themselves off when the sun shines, to motors which run up to 70% more efficiently. We power our plant with Green Electricity which comes from renewable sources.

Sourcing environmentally sound materials is important, but just as crucial is efficient use of those materials. Maximising our use of every sheet of paper or card means that we use much less raw material for the number of jobs we produce.

We have a policy of running minimal additional sheets. Not only does this help us to keep our prices down it also means that paper waste is minimised. On rare occasions, where sheets get spoiled during print finishing operations, such as folding or laminating it can mean a small shortfall on a job (up to 10% which is credited on a pro-rata basis) but what it always means is that we are reducing the environmental impact of every job. If it is imperative that you receive the full quantity, we would advise you to allow for a percentage of overs in your requested quantity, as the additional cost for this small quantity will be minimal during the initial production.

Our recycling is of an exceptionally high order and everything which we are unable to re-use is graded into a range of different categories and recycled or disposed of responsibly. We take a pride in looking at everything we do to make sure it is truly green rather than simply being slick marketing spin.

We have specialists within our team who ensure that we are always meeting, and exceeding, the burgeoning rules on recycling.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by climate change, but by choosing Printing Direct as your print provider you can be certain that your printing is being responsibly produced.