A Match Made in Heaven

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When marketing your business or product, it is incredibly difficult to cut through the noise and penetrate the already rather dense marketplace, even if you have found a niche. It is far more common now for companies to either opt for a digital marketing campaign or an offline campaign exclusively without first looking at the benefit of using a blend of both. Companies that use print alone can lose out to more social media aware businesses that move with the times. The savvier tech businesses can be overlooked if they neglect print due to the sheer amount of competition for people’s attention online. Every second one and a half hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube. You will never see everything that the internet has to offer and your business may be the one being overlooked. Therefore, the smartest people are those that know a double barrelled attack is the best way to achieve exposure.

E-shots are a vital part of everyday business practises now, but there are thousands of them out there and many never even get looked at. If you were to follow this up with a print newsletter quarterly this would help cut through some of the clutter. Print media hasn’t got as much competition out there as digital media. The latter is rather easy for anyone to accomplish. Our approach to printing is also hugely straightforward, so you will lose nothing by showing your customers just how serious you take yourselves and your products. If you are familiar with having a uniform message across numerous social media providers you already know that it is essential to talk to customers across more than one platform. You shouldn’t be overlooking print as one such avenue.

Offline marketing is important to drive online sales. Many consumers anticipate a mail delivery and are disappointed when they do not receive any. A good looking print leaflet, designed by a competent designer, can make all the difference when approached for the first time. A potential customer might save an attractive offer based on first impressions alone. A supplemental investment in leaflet print can achieve great turnover when coupled up with more short term online strategies like the use of the Google Adwords service. Regular engagement will ensure repeat business.

Going on statistics alone, 65% of consumers will hold on to an interesting piece of direct mail and 79% of people will act upon direct mail immediately. On average it takes someone 5 seconds to decide whether they will engage with your marketing. Every 5 seconds in the world:

  • 17 million emails are sent
  • 23,000 tweets are posted
  • 21 babies are born
  • 7500 bottles of water are consumed

It is just 5 seconds, so make every one of them count!

A print presence can be used to lead more people to your online home, potential customers who may not have discovered it otherwise. So be sure in your next campaign to cast as wide a net as possible by using all the tools at your disposal and hopefully you’ll reel in a decent catch.

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